Honda Develops All-new General Purpose Engines for Emerging Markets
CHONGQING, China, August 6, 2013 - Honda announced today that it has newly developed two models of GP 4-stroke general purpose engines targeting the low-priced light-duty engine markets, which hold a large share in the general purpose engine market in emerging countries. 

Honda will start production of the new engines, the GP160H and GP200H,*1 at Jialing-Honda Motors Co., Ltd.*2 (Chongqing, China; President: Masato Saito) Honda´s production and sales base for power products in China. Honda will also launch a water pump equipped with these new engines this autumn in China and other emerging countries, centering on Asia. Jialing-Honda Motors also announced today the release of a water pump equipped with the GP engine at the ceremony to commemorate its 20th anniversary and the cumulative production of 5 million power product units.

Honda´s general purpose engines feature outstanding reliability, excellent quality, and a compact design that ensures compatibility with a wide range of installations. While inheriting these characteristics, the GP engines were developed for installation on products such as water pumps and generators used especially in emerging countries, where these products are commonly used for relatively short continuous operating times with light workloads. By equipping the GP engines on water pumps, which enjoy high demand as indispensable agricultural equipment in these countries, Honda aims to increase sales in the inexpensive, light-duty products markets in the emerging countries, an area dominated by Chinese manufacturers.

These GP series engines are the first general purpose engines developed by Honda specifically for emerging countries. With this launch, Honda aims to further increase sales of light-duty engines, which account for the bulk of 4-stroke general purpose gasoline engine sales in emerging markets (approximately 9.7 million units*3), thereby "helping people get things done," a vision of its power products business ever since its founding.

Honda´s general-purpose engine lineup includes the following: Medium- to large-sized GX series engines, endorsed in a wide range of industries as world-standard power units for professional use on small construction equipment and agricultural machinery; the Mini 4-stroke series engines for hand-held equipment such as trimmers; and the GC series engines for home use mainly in Europe and North America.

*1 GP160H (displacement: 163 cm3; maximum power: 3.6 kW); GP200H (displacement: 196 cm3, maximum power: 4.1 kW)
*2 Production items include general purpose engines, water pumps, lawnmowers and tillers.
*3 Based on a Honda 2011 survey

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